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Fresno County Marriage Records Online Public

If you want to get any information about a particular marriage which occurred in Fresno County, you can proceed directly to the Fresno County Clerk. The said office keeps track of all marriage events in the said district. However, one must remember that the aforementioned agency only allows requests made in person or via mail. Applications for the recovery of recorded documents made over the phone, through email or facsimile are not acceptable. So those individuals who need to procure some Fresno County marriage records from the County Clerk's office, you can choose any of the two options available.

You can also browse the online facility of the aforementioned bureau for easy reference. Such feature is accessible to the general public so anybody can make use of the said web location any time of the day. If you want to make a request personally but you are not familiar with the location of the Clerk's Office, you can check the worldwide web for the specific address. You can also download the proper request form via the Internet so you can complete your application beforehand. Fortunately, you can also view detailed instructions that will serve as a guide for you in order to accomplish the request form properly.

A copy of a marriage certificate will cost you $15.00. You have the option to pay for the said amount in cash, check or money order. However, in the event that the marriage record you are searching for is not located, there will be no refunds for the payment you made. The money you paid to the above-mentioned agency will be retained to defray search cost.

One must be aware that in the state of California, there are two classifications of marriage decrees issued to the requesting party. Your relationship to the person mentioned in a certain marriage report and your purpose for needing such paper can also define the kind of document appropriate to your needs. The first type is the certified authorized copy and the second type is the certified informational duplicate. The recovery of the former would require a proof that indeed the requesting party is a direct relative of the person named on the marriage report. The latter on the other hand contains the same facts as the certified replicas but it can?t be used to establish a person?s identity.

As for those people who are yet to be married, you must take note of the fact that before any marriage can take place, you must be able to get a marital permit from your county clerk?s office. The said permit will cease its validity 90 days after its date of issuance. So a marital union must occur within the said period or else the concerned parties will have to re-apply. It is also possible to double check the details of your marriages license through the worldwide web. You can delve into Fresno County marriage license records to check the accuracy of the details stated. You can also view the requirements set by the state for those who want to tie the knot so you can prepare the necessary documents to be submitted.

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